Obama recognizes National Transportation Week

President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation on Friday recognizing May 16 as National Defense Transportation Day (NDTD) and May 11-17 as National Transportation Week.

Obama said that a functioning transportation system will grant businesses the ability to bring their products to market. The necessary improvements are a natural job creator due to the work needed to unblock commutes, fix roadways and improve ports. More than three million jobs are at stake for the next four years, all of which depend on the success of transportation and waterway bills that are being drafted.

"Because accessible roads, safe bridges, and good jobs should transcend politics, I am hopeful our representatives will do right by the American people," Obama said. "In the meantime, I am taking executive action to slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects. Earlier this year, I launched a competition for 600 million dollars in transportation grants. Cities and States can win this funding by creating plans that both modernize transportation infrastructure and stimulate the economy."

Obama emphasized the necessity of the political infrastructure to diminish bureaucracy due to the vital role the transportation system plays when a natural disaster occurs. If roadways, ports and bridges aren't fluid and dependable it's nearly impossible for first responders to efficiently provide aid.

NDTD was created on May 16, 1957 to commend the men and women responsible for building, utilizing and preserving our nation's transportation infrastructure. It was then amended that NDTD fall on the third Friday in May every year and National Transportation Week be designated on the same week of the third Friday.