Homeland Security Solutions to partner with Maryland technology incubator

Homeland Security Solutions, a global consulting firm, recently announced a partnership with Chesapeake Innovation Center (CIC), a technology business incubator, to bridge the gap between public, private and non-profit homeland security sectors.

The Annapolis, Md.-based CIC provides resources to entrepreneurs who develop innovative national security technologies. Through the strategic partnership, Homeland Security Solutions seeks to strengthen CIC's efforts to lead the development of homeland securities technologies, HSToday.us reports.

"Homeland Security Solutions is bridging the gap in the market space by developing critical partnerships with public and non-profit entities, such as the Chesapeake Innovation Center," Bradley Schreiber, the president of Homeland Security Solutions, said, according to HSToday.us. "In short, our programs make us the first-of-its kind clearinghouse, if you will, of homeland security products and solutions that ensure the critical infrastructure, homeland security officials and federal, state and local first responders are getting the best-of-class products and solutions they need."

Under the terms of the agreement, Homeland Security Solutions will help CIC cultivate strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs involved in national security, cloud, big data and cyber technologies.

"As the innovation center prepares to move to its new state-of-the-art headquarters adjacent to the gates of Fort Meade, Homeland Security Solution's support is vital," Laura Willoughby, the executive director of CIC, said, according to HSToday.us. "Given that the area around the fort is the nation's heart of intelligence and big data analytics, and that many emerging technology companies want to establish themselves in the region, we are thrilled to work with HSS in growing these businesses, connecting them to our collaborative networks in government, industry and academia."

Homeland Security Solutions seeks to facilitate partnerships between government and private industries to fill a void as an intermediary between the private and public sector. The company's mission is to help businesses get their products to market, HSToday.us reports.

"There continues to be a substantial gap -- a valley of death, if you will -- for small and midsized businesses trying to break through to get their technology to market," Schreiber said, according to HSToday.us. "This new alliance will help provide much-needed support to those companies, thereby enabling us to fulfill our mission of strengthening the homeland security enterprise."