CBP reaches applicant goal for hiring campaign

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said on Friday that it reached its 10,000 applicant goal within one week of announcing the availability of 2,000 additional CBP officer positions.

CBP, the DHS agency responsible for securing U.S. borders from all threats, said individuals still interested in an officer position should prepare their paperwork for the next announcement, which is scheduled for midsummer.

"We are grateful that so many people expressed their interest in contributing to the important work that CBP does," Katherine Coffman, the CBP's assistant commissioner for human resources, said. "Those of you who missed this opportunity do prepare now because we will reopen the job announcement later this year."

Earlier this month, the CBP announced that the fiscal year 2014 budget would provide additional staffing at 44 ports in 18 states. By hiring more officers, CBP said it would be able to reduce wait times, enhance security and facilitate legitimate goods and travelers.

CBP officers are responsible for detecting and preventing terrorists, their weapons and other threats from entering the U.S. while facilitating legitimate travel and trade. They carry out a range of law enforcement activities related to the arrival of merchandise, travelers and conveyances at U.S. ports of entry.