Response Biomedical votes for new directors, auditor

Canadian diagnostic test developer Response Biomedical Corp. voted to appoint a new auditor and board of directors at its annual shareholder meeting on Thursday.

The group of shareholders set the number of directors at eight by a show of hands. A total of 4,942,396 shares voted to elect the new directors, representing about 62 percent of the total. The new members will serve until the next annual Response Biomedical shareholder meeting, or until their successors are elected.

U.S.-based PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, was chosen auditor for the company in the coming year.

The vote was held in accordance with the rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Response Biomedical develops on-site tests for diseases and other conditions through its RAMP platform, which can be used for biodefense, clinical and environmental uses. The commercially-available, single-use cartridges can be used to aid in the early detection of heart attack, congestive heart failure and influenza. Other tests are available in the non-clinical market, including environmental detection of the West Nile Virus, anthrax, ricin, smallpox and botulinum.

Response Biomedical is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol RBM.