U.N. Security Council suggests stronger CBRN measures

The U.N. Security Council urged stronger measures on Wednesday to keep CBRN weapons away from terrorists through full implementation of resolution 1540.

The council met to mark the 10th anniversary of resolution 1540, which was passed on April 28, 2004. During the meeting, the council adopted a presidential statement through which its members reaffirmed that states should take effective measures to prevent non-state actors from acquiring WMDs and their means of delivery.

"The Security Council calls upon all states to step up their efforts to implement resolution 1540, focusing on areas where measures taken may be strengthened, with a view to achieving full implementation of the resolution by 2021," the statement said.

The council recommended that the 1540 Committee consider the development of a strategy toward the full implementation of resolution 1540 and incorporating the strategy into its comprehensive review before December 2016.

"The Security Council encourages the committee, at its discretion, to draw on relevant expertise, including civil society, industry and the private sector, with, as appropriate, their states' consent," the statement said.

More than 60 speakers attended the meeting, which was called "Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Resolution 1540 (2004) and Looking Ahead."

Resolution 1540 requires member states to refrain from providing any support to non-state actors attempting to develop, acquire or use CBRN weapons and their means of delivery. It also requires the states to adopt and enforce effective laws to prevent CBRN terrorism.