Thuh Company releases latest response verification system

Thuh Company, a digital technology design company, announced the release on Thursday of its latest version of FIREQ-RVS, a firefighter response verification system meant to complement existing paging and 911 dispatch systems.

Thuh Company worked with Breton SmarTek, Inc., and professional firefighters to design a system to provide critical information to first responders during and after an incident.

FIREQ-RVS technologies are meant to provide features and functions engineered to maximize utilization of firefighting personnel and resources. When a fire department responds to an event, FIREQ-RVS provides real-time information about which personnel are responding and their estimated time of arrival, as well as detailed information about the incident location. The system integrates mobile smart phone apps, computer systems, text messaging, GPS and other internet technologies in an attempt to offer a better experience for first responders.

The latest release includes new features, such as enhanced multi-level system security and real-time GPS to send driving directions and maps to master consoles and phones. Other new features include assignment of up to four duty officers, the ability to clear an incident directly from a smart phone and enhanced administrative reporting.

Thuh Company said that FIREQ-RVS is particularly well-suited for departments that are largely comprised of paid-on-call members, volunteers or composite members.