CBP seeks to hire 2,000 additional officers

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced last week that it is accepting applications nationwide to fill 2,000 additional officer positions at sea, air and land ports throughout the U.S.

CBP, a part of the DHS's frontline defense, is the agency responsible for securing U.S. borders from all threats. Additional funding in the fiscal year 2014 budget will provide additional staffing at 44 ports in 18 states. More officers will result in enhanced security, reduced wait times and the facilitation of legitimate goods and travelers.

The newly hired officers are expected to deploy to ports in Nogales, Ariz.; Laredo, Texas; Buffalo, N.Y.; New Orleans; Las Vegas; Chicago; Dallas; Houston; Detroit; Los Angeles; and New York.

CBP officers seek to detect and prevent terrorists, their weapons and other threats from entering the U.S., while facilitating legitimate travel and trade. The officers must enforce more than 400 laws related to diseases, agricultural pests, contraband, trade and admissibility of individuals.

Applicants for the CBP officer position must be valid U.S. citizens and residents of the U.S. for the past three years. Other requirements include being referred prior to the age of 37; possessing a valid driver's license; and passing entrance, medical and physical examinations.