Second ebola outreach campaign begins in Guinea

Guinean authorities, religious leaders and health organizations renewed ebola information outreach efforts earlier this month.

The second round of the educational campaign started as Guinea's Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 81 deaths from the ebola virus so far this year throughout the country.

Red Cross volunteers have used a number of methods to increase awareness of the disease, including knocking on doors and announcing information over megaphones in crowded markets in the capital city of Conarky.

Information about ebola and how to protect against it is regularly broadcasted on Guinean television and radio in at least seven different languages.

"It is difficult to make people here understand, as many of them can neither write nor read," Soumah Mouctar, a volunteer with the Red Cross, said. "Therefore, we do talk to them in simple phrases and in their local languages."

The Red Cross also conducted outreach efforts in Guinea's forested regions, where the ebola outbreak is believed to have started. Government officials said outreach is necessary in more remote and less affluent parts of the country.

"As people often do not trust the media, we need to communicate with them in a more direct way," Dr. Tata Gakou, head of Conarky's Health Department, said.