Vitec adds real-time spore, bacteria monitoring

Vitec Global Limited's Vitec Air Purification System (VAPS) product range now has M2M technology enabling real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, including spores and bacteria.

VAPS has been tested across the complete biological range, including anthrax spores, smallpox and viruses.

The VAPS technology's Vitec antimicrobial technology, which is registered with the EPA, bonds molecularly to all types of surfaces and provides long-lasting protection against bacteria.

Vitec said that VAPS provides a comprehensive solutions for governments and corporation at a time when there is an increasing problem with indoor air quality and bacteria transmission.

"Following numerous installations in hospitals, offices, hotels, malls, cruise ships and utilizing the experience gained from installations on a fleet of Naval Destroyers, the Vitec products are now being designed to provide the highest level of protection to key infrastructure assets, such as airports," Vitec's UAE representative said. "The ability to monitor the performance of our products and indoor air quality in real-time via a wireless link to the building management system or bespoke app allows our customers to achieve, or respond to a situation in a level of detail not previously available within the indoor environment they are protecting."