FBI hosts attack preparedness training in Oklahoma City

Federal, state and local authorities participated in a Complex Mall Attack exercise on April 29 in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The Oklahoma City Division of the FBI partnered with the DHS to provide information and training to first responders and local law enforcement. The exercise at the Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City was the culmination of an FBI effort that began in 2013 to prepare for a complex attack.

The FBI said that "every effort" was made to avoid disrupting the normal operation of the mall. The public was asked to avoid the mall from 1-7 a.m.

The FBI said that the Complex Mall Attack program is not in response to any specific threat, and added that the exercise was designed to test and improve response plans in the event of an attack.

Participants in the exercise included the Oklahoma City Police Department, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma City Fire Department, as well as Quail Springs Mall Security.