FDA approves new bio bandage

Biotechnology company Arteriocyte, Inc., announced on Friday that the FDA has approved clinical trials of a new bandage designed to treat burns.

Arteriocyte will initiate a phase I trial of its MAGELLAN Bio-bandage. The burn treatment uses autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP), which the company says will reduce the severity of burn wounds, as well as the need for surgery in the immediate aftermath of a burn.

"The use of PRP has the potential to improve the quality of burn care and clinical outcome, with the added benefit of reducing the stress on resources in a mass casualty," Arteriocyte CEO Don Brown said.

The new bio bandage is designed to use a patient's own blood to stimulate blood vessel growth soon after a burn occurs. Early treatment of of a burn could prevent the need for skin grafts in some situations, according to Arteriocyte.

More than one million burns in the United States require medical attention each year. Most treatments for burn wounds involve bandaging and creams.

Arteriocyte has offices in Hopkins, Mass., and Cleveland, Ohio, and specializes in stem cell and tissue engineering.