European Commission proposes changes to 2009 CBRN Action Plan

The European Commission published a communication follow up to its 2009 CBRN Action Plan on May 5 that would facilitate practical cooperation in detecting and mitigating CBRNE risks at the European Union level.

The proposed changes would lead to collaboration between the CBRNE mitigation industry, operators of facilities handling CBRNE materials, equipment manufacturers, security services providers and other stakeholders. The commission suggested the development of guidance materials, training, awareness building and testing activities.

"This communication is a first step in implementing the new CBRN-E Agenda," the commission said. "It aims to bring about progress in the area of detection of CBRN-E threats, and put effective measures in place for detecting and mitigating these threats and risks at EU level."

Actions proposed by the commission would seek practical trials to test CBRNE detection equipment; improved research, testing and validation; the promotion of awareness building, training and exercises; and technical assistance, training, sharing of information and sharing of best practices outside the EU.

"With the innovation and opportunism shown by terrorists seeking to inflict damages using CBRN-E materials, the EU needs to adopt a more proactive approach to detecting CBRN-E materials," the commission said.

The communication follows the 2012 progress reports of the EU CBRN Action Plan and the Action Plan on Enhancing the Security of Explosives.

The European Commission is the executive body of the EU. It is responsible for implementing decisions, proposing legislation, upholding treaties and the day-to-day running of the EU.