BAE Systems announces first responder Google Glass app

Security services firm BAE Systems plans to release a new geospatial data collection and photo reporting app for Google Glass later this year.

Designed to speed the delivery of intelligence and other situational data to multiple first responders, the GXP Xplorer Snap mobile app will allow users to take photos and record a title and brief voice description of the shot without using their hands, reports.

The generated report is automatically geotagged, time-stamped and uploaded to a GXP Xplorer server. It can then immediately be shared and made accessible to other first responders.

"This simple, wearable technology will revolutionize situational awareness and incident response capabilities for police, fire and other first responders," DeEtte Gray, the president of BAE Systems' intelligence and security sector, said, according to "The technology benefits pilots by delivering imagery and mission critical data directly through the hands-free device."

The GXP Xplorer Snap app works as a companion to GXP Xplorer to manage and access images, terrain, features, maps, charts, videos, reports, Microsoft Office files and other data.

Applying the technology to other military devices, much like BAE Systems' helmet-mounted Q-Warrior display system, is also under consideration.

A similar version of the app is also available on both the Android and iOS platforms.