Missouri WebEOC exits limited use phase

Missouri has officially rolled out Missouri WebEOC, which has been in limited use since last summer, to assist emergency responders with information sharing and request tracking during emergencies, events and daily operations.

Missouri WebEOC, which providers leadership at all jurisdictions with a common operating picture and real-time situational awareness, has so far been used by the state to aid in coordinating responses to inclement weather events.

More than 1,000 individual Missouri WebEOC user accounts have been registered to date, with that number continuing to increase.

"Missouri WebEOC will speed up information sharing at all levels and help provide a solid, common operating picture," Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) Director of Operations Scott Davis said. "The experience with recent storms showed WebEOC is easy to use and really allows users to get a good picture of what's going on around the state."

All jurisdictions in the state were encouraged by SEMA to register for Missouri WebEOC, which includes customized boards developed specifically for the state.

An integrated resource request tracking process is also included in the system that simplifies and streamlines the process, allowing critical resources to be accessed faster.

"It's an extremely user-friendly platform, but trying it out before you need it for a disaster will be a real advantage," Davis said.