Envisage Technologies set to launch FirstForward first responders network

Envisage Technologies plans to launch a new professional learning network exclusively designed for first responders following the recent completion of its initial development phase.

The secure FirstForward platform allows first responders to share their expertise, collaborate and access the latest tools and training needed to do their jobs.

FirstForward, which will be initially be privately launched to a select group of police, fire and EMS departments, has a national roll-out set for 2015 that will include Envisage's existing base of more than 500,000 first responders who use the company's Acadis Readiness Suite to track training and compliance.

"Our primary goal is to provide tools that help first responders across the Nation connect and collaborate with each other," Ari Vidali, the CEO of Envisage, said. "We want to make it simple for a firefighter or police officer to connect. We want them to be able to discuss crucial topics, access the collective knowledge of their peers and celebrate the stories of heroism and compassion common among all first responders."

Members who join the FirstFoward network will be issued digital badges based on their discipline and work status, enabling "badge-to-badge" communication between individual officers while allowing departments to protect content from unauthorized access.

"Training is of vital importance in these high-risk professions," Vidali said. "We wanted to make access to training as easy as downloading music from the iTunes store. The FirstForward model changes everything and challenges how we think about access to learning content in the industry."

Featuring the industry-first LearningCloud, FirstForward is designed to aggregate the best training content from top vendors into an online library that makes every course available for individual learning.