CDC announces active recruiting for Division of Emergency Operations director

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced an active recruiting for a new director for the Division of Emergency Operations.

The director position, located in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response in Atlanta, will manage a staff of professional, technical and administrative personnel with lead responsibility for the CDC's emergency management plan, including operating the CDC's 24-hours-a-day/seven-days-a-week emergency operations center (EOC).

The Division of Emergency Operations is responsible for both coordinating and providing centralized managements in the event of a public health threat with continuous watch support, as well as for incident emergency alert notifications.

The division is also tasked with situation awareness, information acquisition and dissemination; escalation of staffing from across the CDC's subject matter experts; incident management support; provision of logistic support to responders; and the design, development and support of emergency incident drills, exercises and actual emergencies in accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directives.

In addition, the division supports the emergency management program development and EOC capacity development in multiple international settings.

With an annual operating budget of more than $19 million and a diverse workforce of approximately 110 employees and contract staff, the new director should possess proven knowledge and management experience in emergency preparedness and response with a a working knowledge of the roles and missions of the agency in accordance with Presidential Policy Directive (PPD)-8 and related national doctrine.