Security forces prepare for FIFA World Cup in Rio, Brazil

Brazilian military and security forces are gearing up for possible terrorist threats and massive street protests during the FIFA World Cup that will take place starting June 12 in Rio.

The possibility of street protests has become a greater concern following multiple demonstrations mounted during the past year. In preparation for the international event, 150,000 police and armed forces, along with 20,000 people trained for event security, will be involved, according to Emergency Management.

"By my calculations, that's a force that is three times as much as you would normally see for a World Cup," FTI Consulting Latin America Chairman Frank Holder said, Emergency Management reports. "That's a gigantic number."

Holder said the number of security forces is adequate, and focus has turned to the quality of preparation and training. Event organizers do not expect protesters to sit quietly as the event nears, according to Emergency Management.

Event managers plan to keep protesters at least 1.24 miles away from arenas, and drones will be used to monitor conditions in stadiums and the surrounding area. Directly over arenas, however, will be no-fly zones, and closed to aircraft before and after games.

FIFA officials said they don't believe the soccer event will be a main target for demonstrators, but said they will maintain a security presence.

"That does not mean to say that we are going to reduce our presence, hide ourselves away or keep our symbols under cover," Ralf Mutschke, FIFA director of security, said, Emergency Management reports.