CoBRA Software releases "Ability to Survive and Operate Toolset"

The CoBRA Software division of Defense Group, Inc., recently released its new "Ability to Survive and Operate Toolset (ATSO)."

The web-based toolset, initially designed for military installations to allow them to respond and recover following an attack or natural disaster, also meets the needs of civilian first responders called on to deal with active shooters, bomb threats, campus security and major storm restoration of operations.

Users can creates "zones" within an area, from school campuses to sports stadiums to military installations, with ATSO, which also facilitates dispatching and tracking of response teams to survey and clear the zones.

Additionally, ATSO can be used for operational readiness exercises and inspections.

The new set of tools will be given to all existing and new CoBRA customers utilizing the CoBRA Collaboration platform that syncs all CoBRA users together for real-time information sharing and a common operational picture. Shared map view and incident data, as well as the ability to track users on a map, are part of the new toolset's features.

ATSO is also expected to be available for Defense Group's Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset software customers in the near future. The TACT software provides users with specific tools for management of hostage and barricade indigents through complete situational awareness via digital tools and data specific to the crisis negotiation team and situation.