DHS celebrates Center for Excellence's 10th anniversary

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) marked the 10th anniversary on Thursday of its first university-based Center for Excellence with an event highlighting how science and technology enhance the nation's safety and security.

The National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE), which is led by the University of Southern California (USC), provides the DHS with innovative solutions to homeland security challenges. The anniversary event, which was held at USC, celebrated the last decade of technology and innovation from CREATE.

Daniel Gerstein, the deputy under secretary for science and technology, said CREATE and the other Centers of Excellence have been essential for DHS research and development goals.

"As technology is developed, CREATE and other Centers of Excellence leverage their existing relationships with the DHS component agencies, as well as other state, local, and international partners to address homeland security challenges and further transition their work to an operational environment," Gerstein said.

Gerstein said the centers also mold and encourage the scientific workforce of the future, developing the next generation of homeland security leaders.

"As CREATE marks one decade of research through our Centers of Excellence program, we recognize the commitment of these centers to both the economic and physical security of the nation," Gerstein said.

Gerstein said future CREATE research projects include analyzing current and future catastrophic risks from emerging threat technologies, economy-wide modeling for the analysis of disruptive events and designing layered defenses against terrorism with risk analysis.