Michigan postal workers receive Biohazard Detection System training

U.S. Post Office workers in Kingsford, Mich., received training on Tuesday for a new Biohazard Detection System (BDS) and learned what to do if hazardous materials were detected in the facility.

"No hazardous materials have been detected at Kingsford, but we want to be prepared so everyone knows what to do in case it does happen," USPS Greater Michigan district Communications and Customer Relations Coordinator Sabrina Todd said, according to the Daily News. "It's for the safety of our employees and customers."

If a BDS alert occurs, everyone would evacuate the building, and first responders and postal inspectors would be notified. A command center would be set up outside the building, the Daily News reports.

Everyone that was inside the building would participate in a decontamination process and then be transported to the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department to receive medical attention. Anyone who was inside the building leading up to the alert also would be notified.

Emergency management and health department officials from Dickinson County, as well as local first responders, attended the training, which was the first at the processing center.

Processing centers in Grand Rapids and Traverse City completed similar training previously, according to the the Daily News.