Smiths Detections announces $20 million military chemical agent detector order

Smiths Detection announced $20 million follow-on production order from the U.S. Army under the Department of Defense's Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) program this week.

Part of a cost-effective and reliable solution for the protection of military personnel, police and hazmat responders, the JCAD is based on the company's lightweight chemical detector (LCD) product line of advanced, easy-to-use and lightweight threat detection devices that are handheld or easily strapped to a belt.

The LCD alerts operators if toxic substances or dangerous chemicals are detected.

"This order underscores the success of the LCD, which is used by weapon inspectors, civil responders and military forces worldwide," Tom Brown, the director of business development at Smiths Detection, said. "Equally so, the JCAD program has established itself as one of the most effective chemical warfare protection solutions for U.S. troops in history."

The enhanced M4A1 JCADs for military use are manufactured in the Smiths Detection facility in Edgewood, Md., that serves as the main U.S. manufacturing site for both X-ray and a range of chemical warfare detection systems.