Smiths Detection receives $10.2 million radiation detector contract

Smiths Detection, a designer of threat detection systems, announced on Thursday that it received a $10.2 million order from the Department of Homeland Security for its next-generation, self-calibrating radiation detection system.

RadSeeker is a hand-held device that distinguishes radiological and nuclear threats from naturally-occurring radiation or legitimate everyday radiological materials. The device was designed specifically to meet DHS mission requirements for a next-generation system able to detect and identify varied nuclear threats.

Smiths received the bridge contract from the DHS's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.

"RadSeeker's efficiency in identifying real threats and reliability makes it the right tool to help protect our nation's borders," Fred Facemire, the director of technology for Smiths Detection's radiological products sector, said. "The low cost of ownership combined with Smiths Detection's globally-recognized training and service support make RadSeeker an excellent overall value for the Department of Homeland Security and our other customers."

Smiths said RadSeeker is used by customs and border protection, law enforcement agents and emergency responders throughout the world.

Smiths Detection develops solutions to detect and identify threats, including explosives, contraband, weapons, narcotics, radiation, nuclear agents, biohazards and chemical agents. The company's customers include the Department of Defense and the DHS.