Biodetection Technologies readies 22nd Detection Technologies conference

Biodetection Technologies's 22nd conference in its Detection Technologies conference series is set to review feedback from the end-users on biodefense and biomedical technologies and explore the cutting edge in research and development and commercializations efforts in the field.

The internationally recognized meeting for experts in the detection and identification of biological threats and point-of-care analytic methods will also discuss rapid biosensing, biodetection and analysis; simultaneous detection of multiple threats and pathogens; discovery and analysis of biosignatures for the detection of host response; point-of-care/clinical applications for pathogen/virus/threat detection and identification; and point-of-care assays for resource limited lab, clinical and mobile lab settings.

Additional discussions will also be held on advances in microarray and sequencing technologies; field-deployable devices; non-PCR versus PCR-based detection techniques; animal and plant pathogens; bioelectronics; DNA chips, nucleic acid sensors and aptasensors; enzyme-based biosensors; immunosensors; and labs-on-a-chip.

The conference, which opens on June 10 and runs through June 12, will be held at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center in Baltimore.