Human resources specialist sought by FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is seeking a human resources specialist for its cadre of on-call response/recovery employees program in Washington, according to a hiring notice posted on Thursday on

The full-time, temporary position may require travel with little advance notice and relocation to emergency sites with operationally challenging and physically austere conditions. The two-year position may include weeks to months of travel at a time.

The individual hired for the position will serve as a human resources specialist for the CORE program and perform duties and responsibilities related to position classification, position management and organizational design. Standard assignments include participating in projects to develop position descriptions and classification training, providing position management advisory services, participating on agency teams to review position management and providing classification services to assigned organizations.

Qualified applicants require two years of progressively higher level graduation education leading to a master's degree, one full year of specialized experience at the general schedule-7 level that demonstrates experience evaluating and classifying position or a combination of graduate education and specialized experience.

FEMA's CORE program hires full-time positions for two to four years. CORE employees do not earn career tenure or competitive status in the federal government.