EU works to provide better CBRN response with new Centre of Excellence in Lebanon

The European Union in Lebanon officially launched on April 4 the CBRN Centre of Excellence Project, which provides authorities in Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan greater prevention, preparedness and response support.

The launch of the "Strengthening Capacities in CBRN Event Response and Related Medical Emergency Response under Strengthened CBRN Event Preparedness" project was attended by Lebanon, EU and United Nations representatives in addition to regional partners and EU Member States. The EU provided approximately $5.4 million to fund the project.

The project is framed in the EU CBRN CoE Risk Mitigation Initiative, which calls for forming regional and international partnerships, strengthening CBRN needs through tailored projects, using an interagency approach and coordinating with organization and Member States to prevent duplicity.

"The overall goal of the European Union initiative is to improve the preparedness and response capacity of countries to deal with potential threats coming from the use of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials," EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichhorst said. "The EU provides funding based on the needs identified by the partner countries themselves. This project responds to a request jointly put forward by Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, with the support of their technical experts and under the umbrella of the Centres of Excellence and we do hope that it will contribute to greater CBRN security in the region."