FEMA looks for emergency management specialist for Homeland Security office

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for an emergency management specialist to work full-time in the Philadelphia Homeland Security office, according to a job posting on usajobs.gov.

The position is a two-year appointment funded by the Disaster Relief Fund.

The specialist will answer correspondence related to the Public Assistance Program, including applications for funding and appeals. They will ensure all related paperwork is compliant with regulations and established eligibility criteria, as well as maintain worksheets to fluctuate funding as required.

The person hired will guide and train agency employees to ensure tasks are completed properly and the department runs efficiently. Training may include state, local and volunteer personnel.

During active emergencies and presidential declared disasters, the specialist will lead staff and communications to provide appropriate program support.

The specialist's major duties include ensuring paperwork is compliant with established regulation and criteria, training public assistance workers and providing recommendations for the public assistant section of the Recover Division budget.

Qualified applicants will have one full year of experience including demonstrated knowledge of emergency response and recovery. Acquired skills will include a comprehensive understanding of principles, concepts and best practices of reviewing and evaluating repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of public and private facilities damaged in a disaster.