CDP offers week-long TERT training for first responders

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will offer six sessions of technical emergency response training for CBRNE incidents for first responders at its Center for Domestic Preparedness between April 13 and June 28.

The four-day training course provides first responders with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive-specific and all hazards response skills so they can respond safely to CBRNE incidents. The course presents information related to immediate response actions to preserve life and property, restore an incident site and collect information to identify CBRNE hazards.

The course concludes with the performance of the learned skills and tasks in a toxic environment at the CDP's Chemical, Ordnance, Biological, and Radiological Training Facility.

Critical skill sets learned during the training program include the ability to identify potential targets for a CBRNE attack, describe the threats associated with chemical weapons and implications of biological agents, identify radiological sources and hazards, operate CBRNE dissemination devices, evaluate a hazardous area, perform mass casualty triage, evacuation and decontamination operations and initiate preliminary stages for the implementation of the Incident Command System by emergency responders.

The next training session will take place on April 13-19.

The Center for Domestic Preparedness, located in Anniston, Ala., is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's only federally charted weapons of mass destruction training center.