Delaware National Guard conducts disaster training at empty school

The Delaware National Guard's 31st Civil Support Team conducted disaster training last week to prepare teams for scenarios presenting natural or man-made substances or explosives as potential catastrophic incidents.

The CST conducted the training exercises at Milford Middle School in Milford, Del., which has been closed since 2013. The training exercise on Thursday involved a scenario in which a student was bullied and took matters into his own hands, bringing a bomb and an envelope with white powder into the school. A 22-man team with the CST worked together to identify and clean up the contaminants, the Milford Beacon reports.

The CST conducts training exercises at least every six months with different environments and scenarios to test the teams.

"It represents a real-world event," Capt. Brian Malloy, the company commander, said, according to the Milford Beacon. "It's real world stuff. It's a lot of man power that goes into the process, but it's all to make sure they're as safe as can be."

The CST will respond to sites that first responders like local police or firefighters are unable to handle. The first responders would contact the Delaware Emergency Management Agency to request National Guard support to identify and clear threats like chemical agents or volatile organic compounds.

Malloy said the currently unused middle school served as the perfect venue for the exercise, the Milford Beacon reports.