Stratcom to form partnerships to deter terrorist attacks

U.S. Strategic Command said on Wednesday that it will partner with other combatant commands to deter terrorist attacks, detect strategic attacks and defeat attacks.

Navy Adm. Cecil Haney made the remarks on Wednesday during his testimony before the House Armed Services Committee. He said that terrorist threats remain a source of ambiguity and the threat of home-grown violent extremists remain a concern. Haney said partnerships with other combatant commands will protect the U.S. against the dynamic and uncertain backdrop of terrorism.

"Our unified command plan assigned missions are strategic in nature, global in scope and intertwined with the capabilities of the joint force, the interagency and the whole of government," Haney said.

Haney supported U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's initiatives to seek long-term systematic solutions to maintain U.S. trust and confidence in its nuclear enterprise. He said Stratcom is supporting critical deterrence and assurance work through broader missions related to surveillance and reconnaissance, missile defense, targeting and intelligence.

Haney said the activities wouldn't be possible without trained and motivated individuals.

"While these diverse activities are being synchronized and integrated by an outstanding team, none of this work... could be accomplished without trained, ready, motivated people," Haney said. "They remain our most precious resource and deserve our unwavering support."