7th Civil Support Command collaborates with German fire fighters for CBRN training

The 7th Civil Support Command's 773rd Civil Support Team participated in training on March 24-28 with the Zaventem, Belgium Fire Department during the fifth annual CBRN Week.

During five days of training, more than 17 CST soldiers tested their CBRN skills alongside local firefighters in a variety of scenarios.

"My intention was to put different scenarios together, [to] test training with different departments to work together and manage a HAZMAT scenario," 2nd Lt. Toralf Deick, a Zaventem Fire Department exercise observer controller and volunteer emergency responder, said. "Good to figure out how good you are and what you need to improve."

Training scenarios included testing monitoring, climbing a ladder and completing decontamination procedures, which were made more difficult by bulky protective suits and equipment.

"Training is going great," Zaventem Fire Department Sgt. Maj. Stef Vandersmissen said. "[It is] interesting to see - my guys doing their normal duties in a different circumstance for them, the integration with the [773rd] CST is very good."

Part of the the training involved the response teams reacting to a simulated radiological and chemical spill caused by a multiple-vehicle accident. Another session involved the response teams collaborating to complete decontamination and triage in a field outside of town.

"[The training] gives us different points of view on how to look at certain incidences,"Cpl. Eric Song, a 773rd CST survey team member, said. "They're very proficient. They're first responders, so their priorities are [extraction and] saving lives."