State of Tennessee seeks new emergency management officer

The state of Tennessee is looking for a new emergency management operations officer to work in Davidson County, according to the state's Department of Human Resources.

The position is entry-level and full-time, though a variable schedule may be required.

The officer will serve as a liaison between the scene of an incident and agencies providing support. They will coordinate emergency response, maintain security and controls access, report discrepancies and present policy and procedures in a respectful manner to persons involved.

The officer will ensure all radios and equipment operate properly and in the intended manner during an emergency response.

The role requires the officer to learn quickly in stressful situations. They must be action-oriented, possess the ability to make timely decisions and maintain composure and peer relationships.

Qualified applicants will be high-school graduates, have active listening skills, good judgment and the ability to multi-task. They will have physical stamina, problem solving abilities and vision and hearing acuity.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency received national accreditation in November 2007, by the Emergency Management Accreditation Program. The state is one of 26 that received accreditation in 2010.

The agency was created in 1951 as the Office of Civil Defense. The name was changed in 1984.