Lincoln Advanced Technologies LLC receives biotechnology patent from Canada

Lincoln Advanced Technologies, LLC, recently announced that it received a Canadian patent for new filtration material used in its protective respirator mask.

"H1N1 flu vaccine development and distribution took over six months," a Lincoln spokesperson said, according to Global Biodefense. "If the next outbreak is severe, we cannot afford to wait for months without effective protection, especially for first responders and medical workers."

The early-stage company is working to develop Respira, a reusable full-face respirator mask to protect first responders and critical workers from biological weapon attack or severe pandemic, Global Biodefense reports.

Respira filters bacteria and viruses from the air for the wearer, and prevents an infected wearer from passing the illness to others. The mask includes a drinking straw and telecommunications to eliminate a need to remove it, according to the company's website.

"Our technology can be prepositioned and available on the first day of an outbreak to protect workers and their families," the spokesperson said, according to Global Biodefense. "Our focus on having a pediatric size device and US based manufacture makes us unique."

The University of Illinois, University of Chicago Hospitals and Argonne National Laboratory assisted in designing the mask, which is in prototype stages, Global Biodefense reports.