Nevada Department of Public Safety announces priorities for FY 2014

The Nevada Department of Public Safety announced its top priorities for federal funding in fiscal year 2014 on Monday following a vote by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and 16 voting members of the Commission on Homeland Security.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security awarded Nevada $4.7 million in homeland security funds for FY2014. Based on funding criteria, the commission agreed to focus on cyber security, intelligence and information sharing, public information and warning, operational coordination, and operational communications.

Sandoval said during the voting meeting that the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security staff received full accreditation by the Emergency Management Accreditation Program, which is a voluntary process.

The committee approved a motion made by chairman of the State Nevada Network Committee, Commissioner Sheriff Mike Haley, to dissolve the network based on its strong rapport with the federal First Responder Network Authority. The motion was based on the formulation of the new Nevada Public Safety Communication Committee.

During the meeting, the commission received an update on the state's Critical Infrastructure Plan, which will be in compliance with Presidential Policy Directives 8 and 21 and the Department of Homeland Security. It also received information regarding the Continuity of Operations, and Public Warning and Public Information projects, which are in development to provide public education and promotion of the emergency alert system.

The commission approved a closed session to be held on June 2 to receive a cyber-security briefing.