Preparedness planner sought by Seattle OEM

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management is seeking a community preparedness planner in Seattle, according to a hiring notice posted on Tuesday on

The person hired for the position will coordinate and manage the development and implementation of the OEM's community planning and preparedness program. The program engages local communities to promote preparedness and reduce the initial impacts of disasters. The program's end goal is to ensure communities develop their own emergency plans and can be self-reliant in the aftermath of a disaster.

The community preparedness planner will determine appropriate outreach and engagement strategies, guide and advise communities that are actively involved in preparedness efforts and assess current planning and outreach efforts. The person hired will also conduct research, assist in community preparedness outreach and planning funding, listen to community ideas and expectations, manage potential conflicts, coordinate different perspectives and develop and justify individual objectives for the program.

Qualified candidates will possess a bachelor's degree in emergency management, planning, communications, community development or a related field. Candidates also require three years of professional experience in community planning, emergency management, policy development or a related field. Ideal candidates will have five years of experience, certification from relevant emergency management courses and proven success in plan development.

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management partners with the community to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters through training, exercises and other preparedness initiatives.