Federal Communications Commission seeks supervisory emergency management specialist

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced that it is seeking a supervisory emergency management specialist to serve in the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau/Operations and Emergency Management Division.

The specialist will serve as the deputy division chief for the Operations and Emergency Management Division. The person hired will be responsible for overseeing the policies, regulations and administrative needs of the organization pertaining to national security and emergency preparedness, including communication, homeland security strategies, data collection, operation continuity, intelligence for monitoring communication threats and national defense strategies.

The OEMD deputy division chief will be responsible for leading the division through the development of plans to accomplish the organization's objectives, making the allocation of division resources most effective, optimizing division operations and providing leadership on public safety and the organization's emergency management initiatives.

The person hired will be responsible for overseeing the fiscal budget of the organization and ensuring its resources are being allocated in a way that is in line with its objectives. They will also be responsible for evaluating the efficacy of programs and refining them when appropriate to increase effectiveness and move towards the goals of the Commission.

The specialist will be responsible for representing the OEMD during conferences, panels and in various national committees aimed at increasing national security and emergency management.