FEMA calls for supervisory emergency management specialist

The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced that it has a vacancy for a supervisory emergency management specialist in Oakland, Calif., to maintain and respond to emergency incidents.

FEMA is seeking an individual with an extensive managerial background that also has experience in advanced technology, multi-hazard engineering science and emergency management planning. The salary for the position will begin at $115,613. The person who fills the role will be eligible for Region 9 team membership within FEMA.

The supervisor role requires travel during times of emergency to respond to national disasters. All FEMA positions require employees to be on-call in the event that a national emergency strikes. During these times, FEMA responders are expected to work around the clock until a threat is neutralized and the situation is under control.

The supervisor position will be responsible for managing the implementation of various FEMA policies and regulations to help reduce the risk of natural disasters and other emergencies. Some of the job's responsibilities include developing partnerships with state and local agencies, reviewing and enhancing flood mitigation plans, developing effective flood maps, providing leadership to HAZUS and the National Levee and Dam Safety Programs and consulting other national organizations on risk identification and assessment, as determined by Section 322 of the 2000 Disaster Mitigation Act.