CDP holds its multilateral end-of-course Integrated Capstone Event

The Center for Domestic Preparedness recently held its Integrated Capstone Event, an end-of-course training that requires all students to work together to respond to a full-impact, mass casualty incident.

ICE usually brings together more than 100 CDP students from up to 10 disciplines, including law enforcement, radiology and healthcare, to work together to effectively respond to one major emergency incident, as they would have to in a real-world scenario. The event seeks to prepare students for some of the worst disasters they may encounter as first responders.

The CDP runs the Noble Training Facility, the only hospital in the nation solely dedicated to training emergency response and healthcare professionals on mass casualty incidents. The students that take part in the ICE training come from various CDP courses, including Hospital Emergency Response Training and Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents, and must execute their roles effectively to manage the disaster appropriately.

During ICE, students are joined by actors to create a training simulation that seems as real as possible to force students to use the skills they learned at CDP, including incident management, large-scale disaster response and mass casualty response.

Through the ICE program, students both practice the skills they've learned and also learn to effectively collaborate with other emergency response teams to create one broad-range force against national threats and disasters.