Utah's governor to attend disaster training boot camp

Gary Herbert, the governor of Utah, is attending a boot camp this week that will train members of the Field Innovation Team to operate effectively during a disaster.

The boot camp began on Wednesday and will run through Sunday in Heber City, Utah. Herbert will meet with the team and Desiree Matel-Anderson, the founder of FIT, to learn more about how the team aids survivors during a disaster.

"FIT's mission statement 'innovating real-time in disasters' sets the stage for the boot camp event," Matel-Anderson said. "FIT believes the best support for survivors comes from collaborating with disaster response partners, and tapping into innovations - apps, technology, art and design, telecommunications, robotics, and even through theater."

The boot camp will feature more than 30 subject matter experts from around the globe, including individuals from Singapore and Kenya. The training sessions are meant to outline activation and operations procedures, open-source solutions and safety training.

The event will allow FIT to explore new technologies and techniques, receive exposure to other team members and their skill sets and learn solutions to help survivors in disasters.

"The team plans to deploy to (two to three) disasters in 2014 to help survivors who need it most," Matel-Anderson said.

The Field Innovation Team is a part of the Global Disaster Innovation Group. GDIG is an organization that seeks innovative solutions for real-world challenges.