FEMA seeks management specialist in Missouri

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is seeking a supervisory emergency management specialist in Kansas City, Missouri, according to a hiring notice posted on Wednesday on usajobs.gov.

The full-time position will last 13 months and may be subject to 24-hour, on-call work schedules in the event of an emergency. The position will involve travel at least half of the time and may require relocation to emergency sites with little advanced notice.

The individual hired will join the FEMA Region VII Incident Management Assistance Team. The supervisory emergency management specialist will serve as the team leader of the regional IMAT when deployed and as the regional IMAT branch chief when not deployed.

Duties for the position include working with appropriate officials to implement financial controls and coordinate and monitor federal program and administrative activities, coordinating relationships between federal, state, local and FEMA personnel and advising the governor on the status of federal response and communication links. The management specialist will be responsible for all team actions, preparation and execution.

Qualified individuals must have one full year of experience at the general schedule-13 level that demonstrates experience overseeing the activities of an IMAT incident command system-based regional disaster relief team. Candidates will be evaluated on their ability to manage a diverse workforce, knowledge and skill in applying principles of emergency management, ability to adapt to rapidly changing and stressful environment and their oral communication skills.

IMATs are teams that can rapidly deploy to support tribes, states and communities impacted by disasters to help survivors meet needs during disaster operations.