Maine Emergency Management Agency to hold emergency simulation design training

The Maine Emergency Management Agency recently announced that it will hold a training course for emergency preparedness personnel on exercise design and analysis on March 26-27.

The course is designed to train emergency managers, professional emergency responders and volunteer community disaster relief and emergency responders on the fundamentals of designing complex simulation exercises. The course is also designed to provide attendees with the ability to execute NIMS required courses for compliance.

The course is part of MEMA's Maine Basic Emergency Manager Recognition Level II program and each attendee is required to take the Federal Emergency Management Agency's online Independent Study Course IS 139 Exercise Design Course prior to the start of class.

The course will be led by Mike Grant of MEMA and seeks to engage local, county and state emergency management authorities with exercise planning responsibilities to train on proper exercise planning, processes and evaluation. All teams working with the Homeland Security Emergency Exercise Program are also encouraged to attend.

The course will take place at the Central Maine Commerce Center in North Augusta from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All persons interested in attending are asked to contact Mike Grant directly to register.