Gig Harbor, Wash., to hold community emergency response training

Gig Harbor, Wash., will begin a certification course to form a local community emergency response team beg March 15.

Participants in the course will learn what to do in case of emergencies such as earthquakes and fires, according to Kitsap Sun.

Gig Harbor is located on Puget Sound, and accessible by bridge. In the case of an earthquake, bridges may collapse and isolate the town from emergency services, Kitsap Sun reports.

"When every minute counts and lives are at stake, people may need to rely on each other for immediate help, but are you or your neighbors trained to handle life-threatening situations?" Kitsap Sun writer Loa Kirk Anderson said, according to Kitsap Sun.

Class participants will learn how to operate a fire extinguisher, safely remove fallen objects from on top of a victim and other emergency response skills and techniques.

Anderson reported the course will be free of charge, but participants must supply their own personal protective equipment. Participants must be at least 14 years of age attend all three classes to receive certification.

"(The CERT course) trains volunteers many life-saving skills which enables them to quickly and efficiently do a great deal of good for a great number of people - especially their own family and neighbors," Anderson said, Kitsap Sun reports.