Summit County, Ohio, looks for emergency management specialist

Summit County, Ohio, recently posted a job opening for an emergency management specialist at the county's Emergency Management Agency.

The specialist will assist county officials, safety personnel and community residents in developing and implementing public safety programs and initiatives. The specialist will collaborate on the Emergency Management Program for public safety, electronic communication and early warning system for chemical disasters and natural or man-made disasters.

The person in this role will maintain emergency equipment and resource database, including comprehensive information on chemicals and hazardous materials stored or made in the county. They will provide information to emergency response agencies and exchange data with the City of Akron and Summit County Hazardous Materials Response Team. The person hired will track chemical spills and incidents and maintain information for radiological equipment and records.

The specialist will maintain the County Emergency Management Operations plan document and coordinate meetings and seminars with the county officials and local, state, and federal emergency agencies. They will assist in preparation and maintenance of records and reports or emergency management exercises and may be a part of planning committees.

A qualified applicant must have three years of experience in public service, safety or disaster planning.