Navarro Research & Engineering seeks emergency management leader

Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc., recently announced that it is seeking an emergency management and business continuity planner to serve its Nevada National Security Site and North Las Vegas Facilities.

The emergency management and business continuity planner will lead the organization during times of emergency, including natural disasters and incidents of terror. The role involves the development of emergency preparedness and contingency plans while also developing business impact and recovery strategies during times of emergencies.

The emergency planner will support the development, implementation and evaluation of preparedness exercises congruent with the Department of Energy and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program guidelines at various NNSS facilities. The programs must also be congruent with DOE Order 151.1c Comprehensive Emergency Management Systems, DOE Order 150.1, Continuity Programs and other relevant industry standards.

The emergency planner will be responsible for environment, safety, health and quality regulations and is expected to devise response plans that do not endanger faculty or the environment. The role is also responsible for the development of emergency facility shutdown procedures and prompt response to any potential hazard or emergency.

The right candidate will have at least six years of professional experience in emergency response and emergency management, with a Bachelor's degree in emergency management or another related field. The ideal candidate will also have a Certified Emergency Manager certificate and have experience in an Emergency Operations Center, including the organizing of emergency preparedness drills and program planning.