Argon launches new CBRN detection simulator

Argon Electronics, a systems developer for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear/hazmat training, announced on Thursday that it launched a new detection simulator to enhance the reality of CBRN exercises.

The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is a simulated detector probe for use in Ludlum's 44-9 GM pancake-type detector. As opposed to real radiation sources or radioactive materials, the Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM will respond to safe alpha/beta simulation sources that can be hidden. Students will be able to detect either partial or full decontamination using the simulation sources.

The new detector simulator allows instructors to provide students with a realistic exercise that lets them experience the operational features of Ludlum's 44-9 GM pancake-type detector without putting students at risk.

The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is also compatible with the Argon PlumeSIM system for wide-area tactical field and nuclear emergency response exercises. Argon PlumeSIM software can be used with Argon's radiological and chemical detector simulation instruments to set up virtual dispersal plumes and hot spots for trainees to detect.

The detector simulator is also compatible with other spectrometer, survey/radiac meter and dosimeter simulators manufactured by Argon.

Argon said the RADSIM 44-9-SIM, as with all the company's detector simulators, offers cost-effective training without the need for preventative maintenance and recalibration.