New York City OEM seeks watch commander

The New York City Office of Emergency Management is seeking a watch commander in Brooklyn, according to a hiring notice posted on Friday on

The full-time position will be assigned to work non-business hours and will be subject to reassignment to other shifts during emergencies or as dictated by the needs of the OEM.

The individual hired will monitor multiple sources of information, including computers, agency radios and telephones, for situational awareness of incidents that could require a multiagency response, adversely impact the city or require an OEM response. The watch commander will also communicate with other agencies and organizations, coordinate requests for field assistance, analyze multiple sources of information, support communications, participate in drills and exercises and collect, collate, assemble and disseminate information.

Qualified candidates for the position must have graduated high school and have three years of experience working in community-centered activities or community work in areas related to emergency management. Candidates may substitute a combination of education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma and three years of experience.

Candidates will be evaluated on their writing and communication skills, analytical skills and interpersonal skills. The individual hired should also have proficiency with Microsoft Office, knowledge of geographic information systems, ability to work in dynamic, high-stress environments and experience with public safety communications systems.

The New York City Office of Emergency Management plans and prepares for emergencies, coordinates emergency response and recovery, educates the public about preparedness and collects and disseminates emergency information.