Armed Forces of the Philippines complete CBRN simulation training with U.S. Army

The Armed Forces of the Philippines, with the support of a U.S. Army CBRN Support Command, recently completed a CBRNE simulation training exercise to increase national preparedness in the event of a terrorist attack.

The exercise, which took place at Camp Aguinaldo, involved two vehicles traveling through town that were carrying explosives. The AFP called its bomb squad, who successfully defused the first explosive, according to Solar News.

The second explosive, however, was not defused and detonated. Had it been a real explosion, it would have blasted chlorine gas throughout the surrounding area and caused many casualties.

The bomb squad called upon the U.S. Army's CBRN Support Command to neutralize the chemical threat. The Army's platoon rid the area of the toxic gas, and then all persons, emergency responders and victims alike, were required to shower and undergo a medical examination to analyze potential toxicity and health, Solar News reports.

The simulation was successfully completed, but left room for improvement. AFP Spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said the teams engage in simulation exercises to prepare for the unfortunate event of a CBRN attack.

"We hope such a scenario never happens, of course, but it is better that we have the capability," Zagala said, according to Solar News. "When it does happen, we can respond accordingly."