Greenwich forms new Community Emergency Response Team

A Community Emergency Response Team of 48 members was formed and declared ready on Wednesday in Greenwich, Conn.

The group of community volunteers took the oath of service at the Greenwich Police Department.

"Because you have this basic training that your neighbors don't have, you will be able to help your neighbors and make them aware of things when storms come up," Police Captain Robert Berry said, according to It's Relevant Greenwich.

Members of the CERT received training and emergency preparedness materials, and are prepared to assist emergency responders during an emergency event, It's Relevant Greenwich reports.

"The professional firefighters, the EMS, the police department, we can't get to everyone immediately," Berry said, according to It's Relevant Greenwich. "So the intent is that these citizens that have some training and some basic equipment, they can assist their fellow neighbors until other rescuers can come to their assistance."

A number of the volunteers had participated in the Citizen Police Academy and wanted to continue their emergency response education.

"I took the Citizen's Police Academy here and loved it and I wanted to further it," new CERT member Denise Hawkings said, It's Relevant Greenwich reports. "I've been a volunteer at the local fire department for many years and it's just an interest and I love helping people."

The Greenwich CERT program was facilitated by the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Connecticut.