Texas Department of Public Safety seeks assistant director

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently announced it is seeking to hire an assistant director to the Texas Division of Emergency Management in Austin, Texas.

The assistant director will be in charge of the TDEM, including the development and implementation of plans that support the overall agency mission. The person hired will be expected to develop effective strategies to accomplish target goals and track the efficacy of those strategies to best assess sponsored programs.

The person hired should possess highly advanced management skills, including the ability to lead strategic emergency planning operations. The assistant director will be expected to create new goals for the organization, engage in policy making, review and improve existing guidelines, regulations and procedures, create effective measures for the analysis of existing programs, coordinating and executive programs, budget effectively, supervise subordinates and execute independent judgment to best lead the organization.

The assistant director will improve the organization through the revision of programs with regard to administration, preparedness. response, operations and recovery. The person hired will represent the TDEM at corporate meetings, hearing, trials, seminars, conferences, legislative meetings and on boards, committees and panels.

All persons interested in applying can do so through the Texas Department of Public Safety website.