FEMA seeks Emergency Management Specialist

The Federal Emergency Management Authority recently announced that it is seeking a full-time, temporary emergency management specialist leader for its Situational Awareness Unit to fill a vacancy in Bothell, Washington.

The emergency management specialist will report directly to the planning section chief and will be a first responder to national emergencies. The position is available through the Department of Homeland Security FEMA Regional Incident Management Assistance Team Type II Response Directorate and is not to exceed four years with a salary of $41,804 to $49,941, depending on experience.

This position requires responders to be on-call 24 hours a day and able to respond to a national emergency within 12 hours of being called upon. The response team is to deploy immediately after notification and is expected to work under high levels of physical and mental stress until a threat or emergency incident is under control.

Employees may be asked to perform tasks that are not part of the job description, as each emergency incident may require different responses. The right candidate is expected to lift up to 50 pounds in potentially uncomfortable environments, such as lifting debris while performing Search & Rescue duties at the scene of a collapsed building.

FEMA is the federal emergency response organization for all national emergencies.