Argon Electronics to host CBRNe Summit 2014

Argon Electronics will sponsor the CBRNe Summit 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic from March 26-28 in an effort to support research and development in the fight against CBRN threats.

The Summit will bring together CBRN experts from across Europe to discuss emerging threats and new technology to counter novel CBRNe threats. Argon Electronics is a leader in CBRN and HazMat simulation training and detection and will bring its expertise to the conference.

"Governments and defense ministries are constantly reviewing the best and most effective ways to combat the CBRN threat," Argon Electronics Managing Director Steven Pike said. "We are delighted to support events such as CRBNe Summit 2014 to ensure that those with responsibility for public safety and CBRN response are up to date with the latest training technologies available."

The Summit will discuss a number of topics, including emerging threats, and will include detailed presentations from leaders in the CBRN industry, including the public and private sectors. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's JCBRN Defence Center of Excellence senior officials will also attend the conference and discuss how to combat various CBRN threats.

Argon Electronics is known for its simulation and training applications to fight CBRN and HazMat threats. The company has worked closely with many leading companies in the CBRN industry.